Rodent Control Services in UAE

Rodent Control Services in UAE

Some of you may find these tiny little creatures cute, but for some it may scare the hell out of them. Even all those who find rats cute must be cautious when these creatures dwell in your place. Rats are the most common trouble causing pest which has the capability of doing a large damage to you and your household things. Few of you may not know that there are different types of rats. Scientifically rats are known as Rattus, and among the rattus family the common rats are the black rats (Rattus rattus) and the brown rats (Rattus norvegicus).

Damages caused to property

Rats are the most annoying creatures as they wander around your house, kitchen and garden contaminating your food and destroying your things. Rats are very well known for biting the insulation cover of the electrical wiring and thermal insulation causing you enormous amount in repairing it. They are experts in ruining your garden by making pits and destroying your vegetation. Apart from all these they can make your place dirty with their facets and urine all over your place.

Damages caused to health

  • Rat bite fever-a rat bite or a rat scratch can cause rat bite fever. Symptoms of rat bite fever are vomiting, rash, fever and pain in joints and muscles. This disease is caused by bacteria carried by rats.
  • Leptospirosis- this is caused by spirochetes bacteria and its symptoms usually are unnoticed. Spreads through the urine and facets of rats, this disease is very harmful as it can even cause death due to organ failure.
  • Plague- unlike other diseases these are caused through fleas on rats that spread plague from one animal to another. The symptoms of plague are fever, swollen lymph node, chills and weakness.
  • Salmonellosis- salmonellosis is also caused by bacteria carried by rats. This spreads through the urine and facets of rats. The infection can enter the bloodstream and spread through entire body, common symptoms of salmonellosis is diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps

How to identify their presence

You can detect their presence by identifying several signs. Rats produce lots of dropping thus if you have rat in your vicinity then you will definitely find these droppings in concentrated areas of your place. Rats usually gnaw on wood or plastic to keep their teeth trimmed. Rats also have the habit of digging and excavating in gardens making burrows in your garden also damaging your vegetations. There are other signs too like their rub marks and their nest which they usually build from scraps like paper and cloth pieces.

How to tackle rat problems

The most common method of eliminating rat problems is by catching rats using baits and traps. Rat traps are easily available in market and are easy to use. There are different types of traps like glue traps, snap mouse traps and electronics mouse traps. Other methods include killing of rats using poisonous baits which will kill the rats once the rat consumes the bait. Although you can do these all by yourself but some may like to get a help from pest control companies which will do your work and so that you can just sit and relax.