Cocroach Control Services in UAE

Cocroach Control Services in UAE

Did you know that cockroaches have been on this earth for more than 320 million years, which means they walked the earth with dinosaurs? There are 4600 species of cockroaches out of which 30 species are associated to human habitats. They are the most abundant pest all around the world and they belong to the Order Blattaria. They are most commonly found near dustbins, waste deposits, toilets and kitchens. They usually contaminate food and spread several diseases by carrying several pathogens.

Cocroach Control

Cockroaches have an open circulatory system with tiny pores on their body through which they breathe, so even if they lose their head they can live for more than a week. Cockroaches can live without air for 45 minutes, can go on living without food for a month and have a much higher radiation resistance making them a hardy pest on earth. A cockroach goes through three stages during its life cycle which are egg, nymph, and adult. Cockroaches reproduce very quickly and rapidly. It is a myth that cockroaches usually dwell in dirty places but this is not always true as cockroaches can also enter clean places through cracks, crevices, vents, sewer and drain pipes.

They are a major pest in houses, hospitals, restaurants, offices, warehouses and buildings. The most common household cockroaches are German cockroach, American cockroach, Australian cockroach and Oriental cockroach.

Impact on humans

Cockroaches crawl around all over your place making it unhygienic by spreading bacteria and germs all over your place. They shed their wings and other body parts which can cause several breathing problems, asthma and allergies. Apart from having impact on human life they can also cause damage to household things like cockroach secretion contains a substance that cause stains on surfaces, they can destroy paper and fabric products and can produce odors.

How to prevent cockroaches

Among the common remedies to manage cockroaches are setting sticky traps, sealing the cracks and crevices, removing unwanted boxes, proper sanitation which includes keeping the food stuffs properly covered or in refrigerators, time to time disposal of waste, vacuuming cracks , repairing leaky water pipes, and keeping the places clean. Although these common remedies can help to remove a lot of cockroaches but it cannot eradicate all the cockroaches out of your place. The best solution to get rid of cockroaches is to call pest management professionals.

German cockroaches

  • Scientifically known as Blattella germanica.
  • Appearance: These are oval shaped, six legged having brown or dark brown color. They also have dark bands or streaks behind their head.
  • Habitat : It is the most common indoor cockroach usually found in kitchens, bathroom and other places favoring a warm and humid atmosphere with temperatures around 70° to 75° F.
  • Breeding: They reproduce the most. Females can produce up to 30-50 eggs at a time and carries the egg case until the eggs are ready to hatch.
  • Lifespan: it has an average lifespan of 200 days.

American cockroaches

  • Scientifically known as Periplaneta Americana.
  • Appearance: these are the largest cockroaches found in human habitat with a 1- 1/2 to 2 inches long body with long wings. They are reddish brown in color.
  • Habitat: Favorable conditions for its breeding are warm, moist with temperatures more than 82° F. They are found usually in places with food and drinks like restaurants, kitchens, grocery shops, and bakeries. They feed on fermenting foods like bread, beer etc.
  • Breeding: females produce 9-10 egg cases which hatch usually in 45 days producing 14 baby cockroaches.
  • Lifespan: it has an average lifespan of 440 days.

Brown-banded cockroaches

  • Scientifically known as Supella longipalpa.
  • Appearance: They are ½ inch long with horizontal yellow bands. Females are shorter than males with shorter wings.
  • Habitat: They favor warmer temperatures greater than 80° F. They are found in drier locations like beneath furniture, behind paintings and clocks, near books, etc.
  • Breeding: A female produces up to 14 egg cases during her life time with each case having 13 eggs.
  • Lifespan: They have an average lifespan of 13- 45 weeks.

Oriental cockroaches

  • Scientifically known as Blatta orientalis.
  • Appearance: These are 1 to 1-1/4 inches long with dark brown or black colour. Males have long wings while females have short wings.
  • Habitat: they are found in dark and dump places like sewers, basements, sinks, under refrigerators, near leaking pipes etc. They prefer temperatures under 84° F and can also survive in cold temperatures. They feed on both organic and inorganic materials.
  • Breeding: During its lifetime a females deposits up to 8 egg cases with each egg case having 12 young.
  • Lifespan: Lives up to 300-800 days.